013 Monkeytron

From the music of distant lands to the sounds outside your window. Electronic eclectique: dubstep, rave, minimal, postrock, chill, classical, spoken word, jazz, experimental. Hosted by Pixieguts.

01 Secret Archives of the Vatican - Stylite Dub (Iron Collar Remix) (UK)
02 Ugress - Luftslott (Norway)
03 Toffeetronic - Machines and White Powder (UK)
04 Adrian Carter - X I (UK)
05 Crimson Butterfly - Anorexia (Russia)
06 Dementio13 - Monkeytron (UK)
07 Masonik - Under Doowilkm (Australia)
08 adamned.age - nanof (Germany)
09 Third Person Lurkin - Churning Vapours (UK)
10 Tim James - Sweeping Horns (Australia)
11 Deon Vozov - Affinity (USA)
12 CP McDill - Revenge of the Lawn (USA)

Special thanks to Pete Cogle for invaluable assistance with setup on our new site.

Duration: 0:52:52

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