003 The Magic Of Tea

A lush landscape of global electronica, from soulful UK post rock and experimental through Italian neo classical breakbeats, microhouse from Germany, Swedish synth retro, Melbourne alt-electro, big band dnb from Toronto, Spanish psytrance, New York sultronica and more. Hosted by Voide.

01 4our5ive6ix - Something Light (UK)
02 Dementio13 - The Magic of Tea (Wales)
03 Bette Dillinger - Pluto's Return (USA)
04 Max Waves - Nachtmusik V (Italy)
05 Keinzweiter - Beaujolais Primeur (Germany)
06 Voide - Traffic (Sweden)
07 The Peach Tree - On This Summer's Day (Australia)
08 Crimson Death - Sing3 Remix (Canada)
09 Electromagnetic Impulses - Reboot (UK)
10 Quantica - Dream Liner - Remix (Spain)
11 Hot Bitch Arsenal - music don't stop (nebulae's music DOES stop remix) (USA)
12 Radio Scotvoid - Dooshbag (Cuddlecat Remix) (USA/UK)
13 Clutter - Seven Minutes to Wisdom (UK)

Duration: 1:21:54

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