007 Ways Of The Magnet

A laid back mix of melodic, big beat, hip-hop, folktronic, minimal and ambient electronica. Featuring outstanding independent artists from Norway, Australia, UK, USA, Germany, Bosnia/Herzegovina, South Africa and Mexico. Hosted by Pixieguts. Broadcast all over Australia on ABC Radio National.

01 Ugress - Zombie Eagles (Norway)
02 Deepspace - Assorted Seashells (Australia)
03 Northcape - Moitessier (UK)
04 Jane Silence - Too Lonely (Adrian Carter's Remix) (USA/UK)
05 Black Magic - Galt's Ark (feat. Duckman, L-Ement, & Pauly Walnuts) (USA)
06 Keinzweiter - Lost Diglator (Germany)
07 Vedad Hodzic - Sarajevo Sunrise (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
08 Mink15 - Sickening Love (UK)
09 Allen Wentz - The World (USA)
10 Helen Austin - Till We Get Old (UK)
11 Brokenkites - Islands (UK)
12 Trinity - Way of the Magnet (South Africa)
13 Vate - Ankhos (Mexico)

Special thanks to Titee for tech backup this episode.

Duration: 1:02:25

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