010 UK and Far Away

Far out! There's some fantastic 'eclectric' music coming out of the UK. Mixed up here with hand selected independent electronica from Norway, Canada, Russia, USA, Philippines and Australia. Guitars, pianos, voices, synths, reverberant bass and micro glitches. Hosted by Pixieguts. Broadcast all over Australia on ABC Radio National.

01 Matt Stevens - Lake Man (UK)
02 Ugress - Einhorn 22 (Norway)
03 Crimson Death - Bipolar (Canada)
04 Crimson Butterfly - Sativicon (Russia)
05 Autorotation - Autorrhea (UK)
06 Anne Garner - Haunt Me (UK)
07 emorej - Pale (Philippines)
08 Jim Robson - That's What I Said (Australia)
09 NVR-NDR - B Who U R (ICUH8N remix) (USA)
10 Dementio13 - Hold Steady (UK)
11 SK123 - Zero 8 (UK)
12 Northcape - Clear Moment (Distant Fires Burning Remix) (UK/Belgium)

Duration: 1:07:28

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