011 Movies With Robots

A carnival of dubstep, divas, folktronic, dnb, glitch, retro, acoustic, tripfunk. Music from Norway, Canada, Bermuda, UK, South Africa, France, USA. Hosted by Voide. Broadcast all over Australia on ABC Radio National.

01 Ugress - It Was A Great Year (Movies With Robots) (Norway)
02 Helen Austin - When We Were Young (HipGnosis Remix) (Canada/USA)
03 1undread - Ya Ya Bass Blues (Bermuda)
04 Matt Stevens - Glide (UK)
05 VPS - I Am A Proxy (Canada)
06 Indidginus and Tripswitch - Sunrise Over Sapporo (South Africa/UK)
07 Double No No - Bullfight (Adrian Carter Remix) (UK)
08 Crimson Death - City of Death (2011 re-master) (Canada)
09 Phobik - Pressure Switch
10 Dementio13 - Interoceter Exchange (UK)
11 Organic Despair - Never Realized (France)
12 Artemis - Seven (USA)

Duration: 1:06:51

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