002 Jazz Sandwich

Journey from smooth chillout, through dub, rap, dnb, minimal, trance, techno, grunge, electro and otherwise hybrid world sounds in this second episode of Pixicast, hosted by Voide in Stockholm and published by Pixieguts in Australia for the Palace music network.

01 Herrera - Beedlebo (Canada)
02 Mr Smiff - Coffee Time (Bulgaria)
03 Reconsiderate & Mr Scott - Thinkin About The Old Days (USA)
04 Electromagnetic Impulses - Bouncing Hippo (UK)
05 HipGnosis - High Too Fly (USA)
06 Hox Vox - Springbound (Italy)
07 eQo - Just A Little Bit More (Sweden)
08 Cwtch - Cwtch Theme (Wales/Australia)
09 Voide - R-evolution (Sweden)
10 CausaliDox - A Life Less Lived (Netherlands)
11 Radio Scotvoid - Just Because (Adrian Carter Remix) (USA/UK)
12 The Peach Tree - All This Is Real I Hope (Dementio13's Rmx) (Australia/Wales)
13 Titee - Let's Root (E.I Remix) (Australia/UK)
14 ElectricOkra - Jazz Sandwich (USA)
15 General Fuzz - Second Thoughts (USA)
16 Adrian Carter - Above The City (Full Mix) (UK)

HipGnosis track is courtesy of Lab Beat

Duration: 1:33:52

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