009 Women In Electronica

Women in electronic music: producers, vocalists, band members, instrumentalists, collaborators of various style round the cyber world. Independent trip-hop, industrial, psy, ambient, folktronic, idm, electro from Bermuda, UK, Belgium, Canada, France, USA, Germany, Cyprus, Russia. Hosted by Pixieguts. Broadcast all over Australia on ABC Radio National.

01 1undread - The Gift (Bermuda)
02 ManMadeMan - Set To Fly (UK)
03 Psy'Aviah feat. Ayria - Into The Game (Belgium/Canada)
04 Virus B - Why (France)
05 Jillian Ann - King of Solitude (Adrian Carter's Remix) (USA/UK)
06 adamned.age - Trip down memory lane (Germany)
07 SXTheMadArtist - Psychogenic Disorientation (Cyprus)
08 The Ne Plus Ultra - Blue Angel (USA)
09 Dj Sid-The Apocalypze feat. Calendar Girl - September (USA/UK)
10 THEreminGIRL - Fresh (Russia)
11 Artemis - Easy (USA)
12 Corrientes - Forever And A Day (USA)
13 Lady Venom - Happy House (USA)

Special thanks to Dj Crimson Death for additional mastering this episode.

Duration: 1:11:53

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